Hard Drive Shortage Incoming?


It seems as though there could be something of an industry-wide shortage of 3.5” hard drives over the course of the next month or so. It seems manufacturers have been pushing 2.5” drives a little too heavily.

Get a good luck while you can 😦

Word comes from the Inquirer that manufacturers of hard drives have found themselves in a bit of trouble thanks to the fact that this year saw increased demand for 2.5” disks, most often used in notebooks. With increased demand, manufacturers including Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi, Toshiba and Samsung all moved a little away from 3.5” drives, which now seem to be in demand as people start putting together new machines over Christmas.

The short supply is predicted to last into the beginning of 2010, but we imagine that it’ll be fixed by a bit of a bump in manufacturing and the fact that demand will likely fall off a little once the Christmas rush has passed.

For now, we’re not seeing any evidence of a 3.5” hard drive shortage, but if it hits then it’ll be interesting to see how it effects sales of other drives. The fact is that we could see people simply opting to install SSDs in the short term and then expanding later when 3.5” drive availability starts to pick up again.

If nothing else, it’ll lead to interesting times with people ending up actually having to start delete things.


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