Nvidia Continues Anti-Intel Comics


Nvidia has continued its series of political-cartoon-themed comic strips lampooning chip manufacturer Intel, this time for the apparent failure of its attempt to build its own high-end graphics hardware, codenamed Larrabee.

Nvidia’s first round of comics came after news was released that Intel had been accused of bribery and coercion to achieve, and then to maintain, its position at the top of the CPU market. Intel didn’t take those particularly well, but given the fact that Nvidia hadn’t really said anything that wasn’t already confirmed by the New York attorney general, there wasn’t too much it could about the cartoons.

Now though, Nvidia’s apparent thrill for poking fun at a company whose projects seem increasingly to push it into the graphics specialist’s space continues unabated, with the release of a comic that quite simply has a dig at the fact that Intel hasn’t managed to build itself a piece of dedicated graphics hardware that it’d be happy to release.

Of course, Nvidia isn’t the only company that’s been putting the boot in, last week, AMD couldn’t resist getting a fairly thinly veiled jab in about how difficult it is to develop a GPU, which we’d imagine the folks at Intel didn’t much appreciate.

The only real question, for Nvidia, is whether or not these comics represent it biting the hand that feeds it, so to speak. Nvidia is very much dependent on Intel’s low-power Atom processor line for its ION. ION has been Nvidia’s big project for quite a bit, so we’d have imagined the company would be a little slower to ridicule Intel.

That said, we’d imagine that a significant amount of the bad blood between the two comes from the fact that Intel couldn’t provide Atom processors in the volume (or at the price) that Nvidia wanted during the summertime.

If you’d like to check out the rest of Nvidia’s cartoons, you can see them over at Intel’s Insides.


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