We’re Hiring – A Writer For This Very Site


Dear all,

I’m looking to hire another writer for our social media campaign. A writer with a technical bent, to produce more how-to’s and articles of technical insight and importance. If you’ve not got five years of writing under your belt, don’t worry, we’ll consider people based on samples, knowledge and enthusiasm for the job.

Whomever gets this job will be expected to really put their axe to the grindstone over the next year, as we have very big ideas and targets for our social media campaign. We want to provide excellent content and make ourselves one of, if not the, most relevant sources for information relating to tech in Ireland. This means providing folks with really relevant content that will then, we hope, help to keep them as loyal Komplett customers.

On the flipside, whomever gets the job will have a real and tangible input into the direction of the campaign (indeed, will be expected to contribute!) and will have a professional stake in its success.

For applications go to jobs.ie, and good luck!

Aaron McKenna
Country Manager Ireland


10 Responses to “We’re Hiring – A Writer For This Very Site”

  1. Barry Clarke Says:

    Dear Aaron

    I would consider myself a worthy candidate for your writing position.
    I am well regarded by business associates and colleagues for my use of English and writing skills.
    I was educated in the UK and I enjoy writing, have to plans to finish a Science Fiction novel, I love technology and I am internet savy and have worked with PC’s and the Internet since 1993.
    For a sample of something I have written please have a look at the following link which I wrote a couple fo years ago now but I still get good comments for it, thanks, Barry Clarke

  2. Rob Allen Says:

    Wow 🙂 Was that a computer ?

    • komplettie Says:

      I don’t think so, he seems very genuine 🙂 Will ask him to pass on an email 🙂

      • Barry Clarke Says:

        Yes it is 100% Genuine, I am not a computer and most assuredly human, thanks for the various comments, I hope to hear back from Komplett, if they are looking for a good writer, they have found one!

      • komplettie Says:

        If you’d like to work for us then you should probably contact the boss directly, if you’d like you can shoot him a message directly, that might be easier to work with? 🙂

  3. Kevin Says:

    Do people apply for jobs through blog post comments these days?

    I knew I was missing out on something!

  4. Rob Allen Says:

    He he, looks like something we might want to suggest to be implemented in wordpress 🙂

  5. TheChrisD Says:

    If it wasn’t full-time I’d throw my hat in the ring for this (or should I say, my hard drive into the case…?), but unfortunately college would keep me busy for the next few months :/

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