Blu-Ray Still Trailing DVD


It’s strange to think that Blu-Ray has already been with us for fully four years, but we’ve already hit the point where we should be seeing the high-definition disc-medium start to supplant DVD.

Still, it seems that Blu-Ray is certainly doing well for itself. According to the Wall Street Journal, Universal Studios’ president is fairly pleased with the company’s sales of Blu-Ray. Universal’s sales were divided up between DVD and Blu-Ray with a 70:30 ratio in favour of DVD. It seems that Universal is fairly well pleased with the shift towards high-definition content, though many have been quick to highlight that Blu-Ray’s adoption isn’t anywhere close to matching that of DVD in its opening four years.

While many would expect disappointment over the fact that Blu-Ray has failed to achieve the same kind of penetration that Blu-Ray did over the same period, it seems as though Universal is just pleased to have seen Blu-Ray stable and growing.

Of course, Blu-Ray has had some impediments that DVD didn’t really need to deal with. The fact that Blu-Ray was so uncertain a buy at the beginning hasn’t helped it. We may not remember HD-DVD in years to come, but certainly when there were two formats sitting side-by-side on shelves it wasn’t so easy a choice to make.

Moreover, DVD represented a massive shift away from bulky and awkward low-definition VHS tapes, where Blu-Ray is essentially a more developed, but ultimately similar, medium. Out of curiosity, are there any out there who’ve decided to give Blu-Ray a miss until now? If so, what’s dissuaded you from the purchase?


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2 Responses to “Blu-Ray Still Trailing DVD”

  1. Tacitus Says:

    I haven’t bothered with Blu-Ray discs myself. There’s no need when you can just download compressed or even full quality 1080p movies off bittorrent and store dozens of them on a HTPC or Networked Media Tank. I think Blu-Ray will be killed off within five years when someone like Steve Jobs pioneers downloading/streaming of movies for the masses.

    • komplettie Says:

      You’re certainly not alone there Tacitus, we hear from an awful lot of people building or buying HTPCs, especially now that there are ION powered nettops out there that can handle 1080p content. It makes a lot of sense to ditch discs altogether at this stage 🙂

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