Christmas Order Notes


Hey there all, we’ve got some notes to post for those of you who are hoping to place an order before Christmas but, like me, are the kind to keep putting things off until it’s just a bit too late.

For anyone who really wants to make sure that they’ve got something ordered in time for it to arrive by Christmas, orders to our Dublin Pickup Point will have to be in before 1300 on the 22nd of December*. As long as you get in before then, you should be fine.

However, if you’re looking to order something via An Post then you’ll have to have your order in before 1300 on the 21st*, just because these things take a little longer when they’re being shuttled around the countryside 😉

Apart from all that, we’d like you guys to know that we’re running an extended Cooling Off period for things bought over Christmas, because we understand that a lot of earlier orders won’t have been received until Christmas day, some returns will be delayed by the holidays, etc.

For anyone who’s at all concerned about it, we’re offering an extended cooling off on all items that are/have been purchased between the first of and the 21st of December. The only stipulations are that you’ll have to apply for Cooling Off with our customer service before the eighth of January. The item must be in the same condition and quality as when it was ordered without having opened the package.

As well you might know already, we can’t offer Cooling Off on consumables like ink cartridges or on software (where the seal has already been broken). For more details, check out our Christmas Cooling Off page.

For those who want to use our Dublin Pickup Point over Christmas, this might be a helpful thing to have:

*We can only guarantee delivery of products that are listed as in stock at the time the order is placed. Items that are out of stock can’t be guaranteed for fairly obvious reasons.

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