Nintendo Trademarks “Zii”


Nintendo is a company whose products seem to be so vastly successful that any move it makes is fairly sharply watched. The gaming giant has recently moved to trademark the word “Zii” precipitating a raft of speculation.

Could the Zii be the successor to the Wii?

Word comes from TechRadar of Nintendo’s recent acquisition, which leads to some fairly messy issues. Perhaps most interesting for media-player fanatics is the fact that Creative has recently announced a new media player line under the name Zii, but it seems fairly unlikely that there’s any relationship between Creative’s Zii and Nintendo’s recent trademark.

So, the question on everyone’s mind is just what Nintendo could be doing with the name Zii. It’s been suggested that it’s simply capitalising on a Wii typo, but given the fact that “W” and “Z” are so very far apart on most keyboards, that seems fairly unlikely.

Similarly, the article over at TechRadar intimates that the name Zii could be something related to a Wii successor. The speculation for now is that a follow-up to Nintendo’s bestselling console, which many have been hinting at, though Nintendo has officially denied it’s got anything coming up in the near future.

While it seems fairly unlikely that Nintendo will reveal just what the Zii is all about for now, we’re keeping an open mind. The fact is that in terms of older hardware generations, we’d be expecting to see some details of potential next-generation hardware starting to peek out around now, though we’ve heard nothing of an upcoming Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 successor.

Still, it looks as though there could be interesting times ahead for Nintendo.


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