Windows 7 Mobile Due Late 2010


So far, Microsoft has been fairly tight-lipped about just when we can expect to see the next iteration of Windows Mobile, but now it seems that Microsoft UK’s Phil Moore has revealed just when we’ll be able to pick it up.

According to Mobile News, Moore spoke is some depth at the Connect technology summit in London about the current state of the smartphone industry, basically admitting that Windows Mobile doesn’t quite have the same degree of reach as its competitors. Indeed, as Microsoft’s head of mobility, it seems as though Moore is well placed to know, but he says that Microsoft isn’t finished in the mobile space yet, despite the setbacks.

“We’re still playing catch-up. When Apple came to the scene a couple of years ago, it threw away the rulebook and reinvented it. We unfortunately don’t have that luxury. It’s true, Apple caught us all napping. It launched something that was very iconic, new and unseen with a very good user interface.”

What’s perhaps most interesting is that Moore seems to see this as a particularly important, fundamental shift in the way people think about mobile devices, rather than just Apple shaking up the market by launching some sexy new hardware and managing to make itself eminently likeable. Instead, Moore says of Apple,

“What Apple has done successfully is accelerate the importance of the smartphone compared the just the mobile. People are making decisions on what they want their phone to be and Apple has enabled the enterprise market to see what’s possible. Apple has been a catalyst for us all in understanding what the phone as a platform can deliver and enable people to do what they want.

Certainly it’s interesting to see Microsoft so magnanimous, and we expect it could be hinting at something to do with Windows Mobile 7 being a significant improvement over the current arrangement… which is, let’s face it, just a touch underwhelming.

Whatever shape Windows Mobile 7 is in, we’ll be curious to get our hands on it.


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2 Responses to “Windows 7 Mobile Due Late 2010”

  1. Kevin Says:

    New idea’s from MS about humble, especially considering they laughed at the iPhone when it came to market, publicly.

    • komplettie Says:

      Yeah, surprising to see them being so open and honest about what the iPhone has done to Windows Mobile. I’m really curious to see what shape Win Mob 7 arrives in, because it sounds as though they’re taking their cues from the right places (not necessarily doing anything like the iPhone, but understanding that shaking things up is what works in mobile spaces).

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