30% of Win7 Complaints Come From Installation


It’s been revealed that nearly a third of the issues that customers report having with Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 7, are issues with the installation of the OS, rather than anything else.

Word comes from Ars Technica that iYogi has compiled a list of all of its various user reported issues with Windows 7, and while the fact that 31% of all complaints come from the installation of the OS itself may initially be surprising, there are good reasons for it. Strange as it might seem, a lot of this can be seen to come down to issues with Windows Vista, an OS that it seems a tremendous number of users were in a hurry to get away from.

Given the generally negative response to Windows Vista, and the overwhelmingly positive response to Windows 7, there’s been a massive move towards the latest version of Windows. Unfortunately, a high percentage of those users attempting to migrate from old to new are users who haven’t yet made a move from one version of Windows to another.

In other words, many of those users encountering issues with Windows 7 are encountering issues with what is, essentially, their first OS install. In that respect, it’s not too surprising to see so many encountering issues, though the 31% seems quite high.

It’s also interesting to note that users are still reporting issues whereby their iPhones won’t sync correctly with iTunes under Windows 7. This had been downplayed, but it seems as though it accounts for fully 2% of all of iYogi’s complaints about Windows 7.


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2 Responses to “30% of Win7 Complaints Come From Installation”

  1. TheChrisD Says:

    As someone once said before, the issue’s not wirth the software or the computer, but the twat in front of the keyboard 😀

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