Google Chrome Passes Out Safari


Google’s web browser, Chrome, has today passed out Apple’s default browser for Mac OS X, Safari, in terms of global browser use. This puts Google Chrome in third place on the “big five” browsers.

The news comes from Cnet that Chrome has managed to spoil the Safari party; interestingly enough, Chrome managed to edge out Apple’s browser in the same month as it was released for Mac. This means that Apple users who might normally have been using Safari may well have switched over to Google’s browser on the release of the official beta.

The way things stand now, there’s only a .03% gap between Chrome and Safari, so we’ll be curious to see if things change dramatically over the next month or so as more and more Mac users have a chance to give the recently released OS X version of Google Chrome a bash.

If Google can continue to drum up support for its browser, the company will be in a very enviable position indeed next year when we expect to see the release of the first netbooks running the company’s new operating system, Chrome OS. It seems likely that Google will leverage the browser and the OS, given that Chrome OS seems very much to be an entire operating system built around the usual web-browser model.

Of course, with Chrome passing out Safari, it’s easy to focus on the Mac side of things, but Chrome has been growing, if a little gradually, on Windows as well. Now that it boasts support for extensions, that growth is only likely to speed up as some of the Firefox faithful consider the Google option more and more reasonable.

If you’re at all interested, you can download Google Chrome and give it a go 🙂


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2 Responses to “Google Chrome Passes Out Safari”

  1. Calum Says:

    No coincidence, but there was a similar blip when the Chrome beta for Mac was first announced. I suspect a lot of Mac users will switch back after playing with it a bit once they realise that, frankly, it’s just not as good as Safari yet (or at least, not as full-featured).

    • komplettie Says:

      I’m using Firefox for all of my work-based stuff and Safari for my home browsing, but I have to say that I’ve been tempted to move either one over to Chrome now that it’s working neatly on the Mac. I’m not massively into extensions, so for now that’s not really a concern. I’ll likely wait until the “stable” release hits, but I can see it taking hold a bit more with some push from Google.

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