Google Sees Ad-Blockers as Resource


Google has said during a browser-centric conference in California that it doesn’t see anything to fear from browser extensions that block web-based advertising. Indeed, the search giant sees those users as something of a resource.

According to the Register, Google believes that users who move to block advertising will help to keep companies more reasonable about their advertising. The idea is fairly simple, with Google saying that,

“It’s unlikely that ad blockers will get to the level where they imperil the advertising market, because if advertising is so annoying that a large segment of the population want to block it, then advertising needs to get less annoying.”

It’s a relatively straightforward suggestion, and one that makes an awful lot of sense. As long as a lot of people are opting to block advertising, there’s an indication that advertising has already become a little too intrusive. For the moment, there are fewer people blocking ads than you might imagine.

Of course, it’s interesting to see that Google effectively sees those users who opt to block advertising as something of a barometer, turning even those users who don’t see the company’s advertising into a resource that works on Google’s behalf. Google’s line on the topic is that,

“… there will be a nice equilibrium. If people get too aggressive with ads, then ad blockers will become more popular and companies will get less aggressive with ads. The market will sort itself.”

Of course, the folks at the Register don’t seem to put too much stock in Google’s cheerful version of an ad-block enabled world, saying instead that the reason more people don’t block ads is because they’re too lazy to be bothered by it. Still, the idea that ad-blocking has a positive use is a little refreshing, especially coming from a company that makes almost all of its money from advertising.


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2 Responses to “Google Sees Ad-Blockers as Resource”

  1. Todor Says:

    That’s an odd thing Google to say … its like a car dealer saying that cars are very unsafe and you can die in a car crash while trying to sell it to you

    • komplettie Says:

      It’s strange alright, but I can see their point. If enough people opt out of advertising (which isn’t something most people are aware they can do) then advertisers will know they’ve gone too far and scale back a bit… in an ideal world at least.

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