All We Want for Christmas


Over the next few days, we’ll be posting a single blog post from each member of the staff that details a single item they’ll be giving this Christmas, and one that they’ll be hoping to receive. It’s a simple enough plan, and today we’re starting out with Shelton from RMA, we’ll continue on to Ryan tomorrow

It’s something that works a little better than a recommendation, if only because we’ll be genuinely trying to pick out gifts for other people that won’t break the bank… and genuinely hopeful about what we might be bought 😉

From Shelton:

Shelton didn’t tell us just who he was buying for, but when we asked him what he’d be buying for someone this Christmas he managed to get a link to me nice and fast, so it seems as though he’s put some thought into it at least.

Click through to see our page for the WD TV Live Media Player 🙂

Shelton’s pick as a gift is something that we’ve seen a bit of a rush on over the last couple of months, Western Digital’s TV Live Media Player, usually shortened simply to WD TV Live Media Player.

For those not familiar with Western Digital’s TV line, they essentially allow you to play media directly from an external hard drive to your TV, without any bother. For those who have already use the lighter Media Player that WD makes, the networking options really do give this one a bit of a bump.

As the customer review on the product itself says, “All drives connected to the player are easily accessed from any PC/Laptop in my home network.” It’s always nice to be able to say that the customer review on a product is a five-star review.

Western Digital’s WD TV Live Media Player is €125, which isn’t bad at all considering what it does.

For Shelton:

You’ll have to excuse Shelton if his tastes tend a little towards the technical, but when it comes to Shelton’s “What I want for Christmas” conversation things tend towards the components more than media players or iPods.

Click through to see our page for the LG Blu-Ray burner 🙂

When we asked Shelton what he would want to receive for Christmas (which, now that I think about it, might have been a bit of a leading question… that explains the hug), he told us that the we couldn’t go far wrong if we gave someone an LG Blu-Ray burner.

The fact is that most people are still only getting used to the idea of moving their media and movie collections over the Blu-Ray, which means that an internal Blu-Ray player isn’t on everyone’s Christmas list. That said, having a Blu-Ray burner on hand means that you can burn your own high-definition content to Blu-Ray, which is always handy.

The LG Blu-Ray burner will set you back around the €178 mark, which is a solid price, especially considering the backup options it offers.


That’s it for now, we know that Shelton’s tastes won’t be for everyone, but they’re a bit of a taste of what we’re buying and what we’d like to have for those of us in the office. I’ll post another one for Ryan, Ross and myself over the next couple of days.

Stay tuned, if you’re at all curious about gift ideas we’ll be hoping to get and happy to give 😉


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