Android Market Growing Exponentially


It seems that Apple’s App Store isn’t the only mobile platform that’s seeing increasing amount of developer interest. The Android Market for devices running Google’s mobile OS, Android, has more than doubled its total number of apps over the last six months.

I've always thought the Android was cute, but a little weird 😉

According the Androlib statistics for the Android Market, we’ve moved from around 6,000 apps available in the market in June to just a little over the 20,000 mark in November. That figure only gets more impressive when you consider how recently the now massively successful Motorola Droid launched in the US relatively recently, so we can expect not to have seen its impact fully just yet.

Clearly, the Android Market doesn’t boast the same kind of numbers as Apple’s App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but when the number of apps available more than triples over the course of six months, it’s pretty obvious that there’s some fairly major development going on there. With more and more Android devices being made available, it’s likely that more and more developers will want to get in on the market too.

It’s also interesting to see that the number of apps published to the market daily seems to hover around the 50-100 mark, though it does move above and below that fairly often. Bizarrely enough, the beginning of December saw fully 300 apps published, but there’s no real explanation for that spike.

Still, it’s nice to see the library for the open source mobile OS growing as well as it is. It doesn’t rival Apple’s capacious App Store yet, but the two seem built on different philosophies (especially given how much of the very high quality content on the Android Market is free).

For anyone who’d like to check out Androlib’s App Stats page, there’s an awful lot of graphs in there… and we love graphs 🙂

[Update:] Google has announced that there are actually closer to 16,000 apps in the Android Market at the moment, to which Androlib has responded that the discrepancy could have arisen from Google not counting Apps that have later been taken down by developers.


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