Console Sales See Christmas Push


Nintendo’s motion-sensitive games console has managed to reach a fairly massive milestone, managing to break the nine million consoles sold since the launch of the Wii.

News comes via Gamespot UK that Nintendo’s Wii has managed to achieve nearly twice the penetration of Sony’s PlayStation 3 in Japan. Perhaps most interesting though, is the other news that can be drawn from the same piece, not least of which, the fact that the recently released New Super Mario Bros. seems to be driving increased sales of Nintendo’s Wii.

That said, the PlayStation 3, long seen as the weakest competitor in this console generation due to a combination of its high price and the fact that it, for a long time, boasted fewer exclusive titles than the Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Now though, with the advent of a series of high-profile exclusive games, a price drop and the fact that the hardware itself has lost a little weight, becoming the PlayStation 3 Slim, it seems that Sony is managing to do very well indeed with the PlayStation 3. There are now around 27 million PS3s in circulation, with fully one million of those having been sold in September, the month of Sony’s price drop on the console.

Sony has been tight lipped when it comes to just how well the PS3 has been performing since, so we’d imagine the figures aren’t quite as impressive as that dramatic first month post-price-drop. Still, the PS3 seems to be doing pretty well for itself, from what we’ve seen at least.


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