Intel Claims No Wrongdoing with FTC


Word has emerged that the US Federal Trade Commission (the FTC) has launched court proceedings against Intel after the accusation that the chip giant used bribery and coercion to get to the top of the processor market.

Now, word comes from TomsHardware that Intel has issued an official response to the FTC, essentially outlining that it’s guilty of no wrongdoing when it comes to anti-competitive practices. Despite the fact that AMD announced last week that it had received fully $1.25 billion from Intel as part of the terms of the settlement over the whole “bribery and coercion” case, it seems that Intel is telling the FTC that it’s not done anything at all wrong.

Instead, the official statement from Intel reads,

“Intel has competed fairly and lawfully. Its actions have benefitted consumers. The highly competitive microprocessor industry, of which Intel is a key part, has kept innovation robust and prices declining at a faster rate than any other industry. The FTC’s case is misguided. It is based largely on claims that the FTC added at the last minute and has not investigated. In addition, it is explicitly not based on existing law, but is instead intended to make new rules for regulating business conduct. These new rules would harm customers by reducing innovation and raising prices.”

Certainly, we’re curious to see just what the FTC brings against Intel that it considers so dramatic as to warrant any “new rules for regulating business.” For now though, we’ll have to see how things pan out. The fact that things have been going so very negatively for Intel in the courts certainly leads to a situation in which it seems as though this could go against Intel, but for now there’s no real way of telling.

The question nobody seems to have asked yet is just how many massive court cases can Intel weather? The company has already been engaged in ongoing cases in Europe for more than five years, and adding more to the heap isn’t likely to make things any better…

Still, can’t argue with Core i7 really, can you?


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