Is Google Building a Netbook?


Rumour has it that Google isn’t just developing its own phone, in the form of the recently announced but long rumoured Nexus One, but will also be building its own netbook in roughly the same way.

The report comes from TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington, a man who has been making predictions about the technology industry for so long now that he seems to just have a strange innate sense of what’s coming, regardless of denials or even lack of word at all. Having moved on from predictions that Google would be releasing its own phone, Arrington is predicting that Google will follow it up with its own netbook.

The reasoning is roughly along the same lines as the reasoning behind the arguments that Google isn’t developing its own phone. Some have argued that the upcoming Nexus One is essentially just a HTC phone that Google happens to have collaborated on, and is then to sell directly through its own site.

What the folks at TechCrunch point out is that Google said that it would be “working with” other netbook manufacturers to release netbooks running Google Chrome. If that piece of mad speculation is at all true, then it’s very interesting indeed.

We know that Google has been entertaining some of HTC’s staff in its headquarters for the construction of the upcoming Nexus One. With that in mind, it’s hard not to wonder if there are already staff from someone like Asus already in with Google building some kind of netbook.

Of course, this is all just that, speculation, for now, but we’ll be curious to see how it goes. Certainly Arrington has been wrong in the past, but the whole thing has a kind of “if only it were true” ring to it that makes us very curious indeed.

Anyway, you can read more over at TechCrunch, and there’s a lot more to read, including details on what hardware we might expect to see in an eventual Chrome OS netbook.


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2 Responses to “Is Google Building a Netbook?”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Google Chrome: The same idea as BMW building roads

    Google Netbook: The same idea as BMW governing the road system

    I’m sure it’ll work really well and be very cute and colourful, but Google needs to calm down before “the grid” really happens, and they own the Internet itself.

  2. False Nails · Says:

    the best and cheap netbooks are made by Asus or MSI, if you want reliability then the best is Hitachi netbooks _

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