Microsoft/Plurk Spat Continues


Now that Microsoft has admitted that its Juku service in China was based on code stolen from Plurk’s micro-blogging setup, it seems that Plurk isn’t pleased to just accept an apology and move on.

Word comes from PCWorld that the folks at Plurk aren’t really pleased to just accpept Microsoft’s apology for plagiarising its code and move on. Instead, it seems far more likely, based on statements from Plurk’s Alvin Woon, that the company is considering legal action against the Redmond-based software giant. This is most interesting because Microsoft isn’t directly responsible for the whole kafuffle, but the “vendor” which provided its Juku social network in China.

The news from PCWorld is that Plurk could well be looking for legal damages from Microsoft. Given the fact that Plurk’s service is already more popular than Twitter in Taiwan, and growing, the company could well have had some serious traction when it landed a service in China.

Now though, the fact that Microsoft’s Juku was almost a carbon copy of Plurk and in the region first will significantly damage that possibility. It’s not at all clear whether or not Plurk will be going straight in for litigation, but it’d certainly make sense, given the fact that the company saw so very much of its work copied directly. Moreover, the fact that Microsoft has not only extended an apology for the affair, but said that it accepts full responsibility means that Plurk won’t likely be having too much trouble if it comes to legal proceedings.

For now, we’re just curious to see how it all pans out, but with Juku having been taken down it seems as though the way is clear for Plurk to push itself into China without any interference from Microsoft’s once vastly successful service…

Of course, it will have to deal with looking like an imitator of a popular service that was recently taken down, but there are worse things in the world than that.


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