Mozilla Introduces New Personas


Mozilla has announced that it’s updated Personas which allow users to skin their Firefox browsers to their hearts’ content. The changes that Personas 2.0 intrdouces should be welcome news to anyone using Firefox who’d like to give it a lash.

Mozilla has posted a new page to tout the various benefits that Personas 2.0 has over the old version, saying that it’s got an enhanced look, giving the whole thing a cleaner, more clear-cut feel. It also customises the whole arrangement depending on whether you’re already using Personas. Perhaps most interestingly, it offers suggestions based on what you’ve chosen to skin your browser with in the past, which is nice.

There’s a video for those who are really concerned with what’s changed, but the most noticeable thing about the new changes are that the gallery view is now a little better organised, offering easier access to a broader array of skins where possible. It’s also nice to see that they’ve added the ability to add “Favourites” for those who’d like to save multiple skins for use later on.

It’s nice to see that Personas has taken off as well as it has, given that it’s such a simple addition. While Mozilla has been fairly extensively customisable for years, the support that having an official skinning tool adds really does add a lot to the look and feel of the whole affair. Moreover, if Mozilla keeps updating Personas with this kind of regularity, then we can rest assured that the experience for those of us on the user side will continue to be a high quality one.

Anyone is using Firefox, but hasn’t already checked out Personas, you can pick up some skins for your browser over at


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