DRM Issue Plagues Avatar Screenings


An issue with the digital rights management arrangement put in place for early screenings of James Cameron’s latest movie, Avatar. Apparently, the issues with DRM stopped some of the 3D screenings altogether, forcing the film to be displayed in 2D instead.

Avatar has been hotly anticipated, not only for the fact that it’s James Cameron, whose reputation probably doesn’t need to be discussed, and also for the fact that it’s been filmed using some particularly interesting techniques that essentially allow the director to see what the CG imagery will look like during shooting, allowing changes to be made on the spot that otherwise would have precipitated massive expense.

Still, the reason that most will be attending Avatar is for the spectacle. The plot hasn’t managed to win people over quite as firmly as the effects, it seems, and so it’s a little discomfiting to see TorrentFreak reporting that some of the preview screenings of the film in 3D have run into difficulty with the DRM being used to prevent people just thieving the movie.

Indeed, the official comment on the matter isn’t too refreshing either, with TorrentFreak quoting CineStar’s Oliver Fock as having said that, “We regret the failures and the associated discomfort, but we are confident that we will be able to play the premiere both in 2D and in 3D.” It’s nice to see that there’s been an official response to the issues already, but it’s hardly comforting that there’s been a need for reassurance in the first place.

For now, we’re intrigued by the move to 3D film, but if issues like this continue into the Avatar showings proper then we can imagine there’ll be an awful lot of people for whom their first trip to the cinema in 3D ends with watching a 2D film… which is hardly ideal.


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