Facebook CEO Misunderstands Privacy Policy


Facebook’s new privacy policy has certainly been making the headlines an awful lot, with criticisms abounding that, despite Facebook’s claims that its new privacy policy changes were put in place to make the service more understandable, the new arrangement was deliberately too public.

There are a lot of reasons why Facebook might want to make its users data just a little more accessible to the wider-web, not least of which its relatively recent deal with Google to offer real-time searching of status updates. Perhaps the most intriguing twist in the story so far came earlier in the week, when Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, apparently misunderstood the new privacy policy, making some 300 of his own photos visible to the world at large.

Zuckerberg has since played down the incident, claiming, according to TomsHardware, that the photos had been made public purposely, despite the fact that they provide some fairly unglamorous images of the Facebook CEO.

The official word from Zuckerberg himself is, “For those wondering, I set most of my content on my personal Facebook page to be more open so people could see it. I set some of my content to be more private, but I didn’t see a need to limit visibility of pics with my friends, family or my teddy bear :)”

That’s all well and good, but it seems that Zuckerberg has since set his photos to be viewable by friends only, which raises some doubt as to just how public he had wanted those photos to be.

Anyone curious can always hop across to TomsHardware and check out a couple of the pictures that they’ve posted of the good Mr. Zuckerberg… and his teddy bear.


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