Firefox Mobile to Spell Death of App Stores?


Mozilla has claimed that it feels its upcoming mobile version of its popular Firefox web browser, named, appropriately enough, Firefox Mobile, could well usher in the beginning of the end for shops like Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market.

Among my favourite browser logos...

According to a report from PC Pro, Mozilla’s own vice president of mobile, the oft quoted Jay Sullivan, is of the opinion that working with Firefox Mobile and developing what amount to “apps” but simply making them web-based instead will be the future. Indeed, if you’re going by what Sullivan has to say, then markets like the App Store won’t be around long. In his own words,

“Anyone who knows JavaScript and HTML can develop a great app without having to learn a specific mobile platform … As developers get more drustrated with quality assurance, the amount of hardsets they have to buy, whether their security updates will get past the iPhone approval process… I think they’ll move to the web.”

It’s certainly an interesting proposition to say that models like the Android Market and the App Store are transient things, especially considering the situation that Apple has found itself in with that in the past. Indeed, Steve Jobs himself admitted that he’d underestimated the potential of both the device itself (both the iPhone and the iPod Touch) and applications on the device.

The reason there’s an app store at all now is because when Apple initially launched their various app capable devices (then not nearly as app friendly as they are now) they’d said that web-based applications would be enough. Yet here we are, years down the line, with apps mounting up and successful developers making healthy sums on the market.

We’ll be curious to see if Mozilla’s portable release has the impact it’s hoping for, but for now we only have on question… if Mozilla does manage to overthrow the App Store and other models like it, how will people download Firefox Mobile? 😉


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One Response to “Firefox Mobile to Spell Death of App Stores?”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Safari as it is can run amazing web based iPhone Apps, they didn’t work out, that’s why Apple began AppStore in the first place…

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