Google Pushes Chrome to Apple Users


Google has started pushing Chrome to Mac users in a big way, going so far as to post an ad for the new service on the main Google page itself if you’re viewing it from an Apple machine.

Google’s browser may well have taken an awfully long time to find its way to Apple’s Mac OSX, but now that it’s there it seems that the search giant is doing everything in its power to get users to move from Safari, Firefox and Opera Mac over to the light-weight Chrome browser. Indeed, this news comes after word was released earlier this week that Chrome had just managed to outpace Safari in terms of browser saturation.

Chrome has managed to achieve enough penetration that it’s moved from fourth of the “Big Five” web browsers up to third, knocking Apple’s Safari right down. It’s no coincidence that Chrome’s figures jumped in the month that it saw versions released for non-Windows operating systems, but Safari was likely to be the hardest hit by the release of multi-platform versions of Chrome, since it’s essentially the default browser for Mac users.

We’ll be curious to see if Chrome continues to rise over the coming months, certainly advertising on Google’s homepage will raise awareness and almost without doubt more people will grab the Google browser, if only to check it out.

That said, there’s no telling what proportion of Chrome’s growth came from Mac users so far. It’s been suggested that a significant proportion of Chrome’s recent growth could have come from Firefox users who had been holding out for extensions to be made available for Chrome (something that, for now, the Mac version doesn’t handle).

We’ll be curious to see just how well advertising Chrome on the homepage works out for Google. It could well see the Mac user base for Chrome dragged right up, or people may simply ignore it. If nothing else, next month’s browser statistics are going to be pretty interesting.

Mac users who want to check out Google Chrome can download it here.


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One Response to “Google Pushes Chrome to Apple Users”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Noticed that the other day when using Safari. Chrome is my default browser on both my Macs… great browser. It was designed by people who use the internet, not by people who are dictating how we should use it!

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