Google Talks Up Mobile Gmail


Google has taken some time to talk about the manifold ways in which the company has improved the mobile version of its Gmail service, having made the mobile app two to three times faster today than it was in April.

Try to imagine that the 'Beta' tag isn't there 😉

Interestingly enough, the thought process behind the mobile version of Gmail closely echoes that of Mozilla’s head of mobile, Jay Sullivan, saying that the fact that a “growing number of mobile devices” now ship with a usable web browser built in. This allows Google’s developers to rely on an app being present that will be alright with HTML and JavaScript and will work across a plethora of different devices.

It also means that users needn’t sit around and wait while the company releases updates to its apps to include features that have just been rolled out to the web-based version of their service. A notable example of this working in the opposite direction would be the number of Twitter clients that don’t yet support lists or retweet functionality.

The Google Mobile blog post also points out that through HTML 5 they’ve managed to enable a bundle of features that help make the Gmail Mobile experience something both usable and universal. It’s allowed for full label support, swipe to archive, faster address auto-complete, an outbox and auto-expanding compose boxes.

The team goes on to say that it will continue to focus on performance, rather than features, over the course of the coming months. Still, we’re assured that other features are on the way, so it seems that we can expect Gmail Mobile to continue to develop as it has been for the coming months.


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