Google to Launch New “Guru” Service


Word is leaking out that Google could be planning to launch a service under the simple name of “Google Guru” in the same style as other popular user-driven knowledge bases like Yahoo Answers.

For those who haven’t encountered services like Yahoo Answers, the model is essentially one whereby users can pose a question and other users will do their best to try and answer it. Users can then vote an answer up or down, meaning that the correct (or occasionally, funniest) answer floats up to the top. Google had already run a service somewhat like this simply titled Google Answers, but it’s been dead for a while now.

Word of Google Guru comes via Blogoscoped, which is reporting that one of its readers encountered a link to a service called Guru in his Google Accounts page listing the various Google services he could avail of. Guru came with the simple description, “Ask questions and get answers from online users.”

While the folks over at Blogoscoped don’t comment on it, it’s the “online” part of that description that we find most intriguing. While Yahoo Answers is certainly an interesting and sometimes useful service, we have to wonder if it’d be over the top to speculate that, based on that description, Google is developing a real-time version of the same kind of service, perhaps based in some fashion on the same kind of thing as Google Wave.

For now, things are all up in the air, as the Guru tab seems to have disappeared from those who first encountered it. Still we’re curious to see what comes of it all.

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2 Responses to “Google to Launch New “Guru” Service”

  1. lordted Says:

    The might call it GooRu. 😀 They’re in talks to buy Yelp too. Will the innovations ever ever end 😀

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