O2 Customers Get SMS Twitter


Twitter has announced that it has launched its Twitter Text Messaging service in both Ireland and Indonesia today, which implies a kind of alphabetically-based global rollout that probably isn’t happening.

Strangely, we haven’t seen anything from O2 about it, but the Twitter blog is all in a tizzy, telling us that the folks at Twitter are “excited to announce” that 3 Indonesia and O2 Ireland have made Twitter available via SMS to their respective users. The text message service isn’t quite the same as the one currently in place for those using texts to tweet.

Instead, Twitter users can choose to receive updates by text for when they receive direct messages or just for certain people they’re following. Any O2 users out there reading the blog can check out the service by simply enough texting the word “START” to 51210. From there all you’ll need to do is activate your phone with you current Twitter username and you’ll be good to go.

Naturally enough, Twitter isn’t carrying any word of what it’ll cost O2 users to actually use the service, but we’re hopeful it’s not something brutally extortionate, though that could well be the case in the end.

The blog post over at Twitter has more details for anyone who’s curious to see just how Twitter will work out via SMS in Ireland, for O2 customers at least. Alternatively, if you’re reading the blog from Indonesia, then you can find out some more details of 3’s Twitter functionality over on the same page, which is fairly handy.

We’ll be curious to see if other networks start to tout Twitter-by-SMS functionality in the coming months.


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