Put on a Happy Face, It’s the Weekend


Good afternoon all, hopefully everyone has had a good week so far and nobody has succumbed to the quickly dropping temperatures over the last few days. With any luck we’ll at least get a little snow at Christmas, which should make it all worthwhile. For those of you just joining us while we’re getting festive, we tend to post a little something completely unrelated on a Friday evening; it takes our minds of work just before we get out.

Anyway, instead of going for something entirely slapstick this week, I thought I’d pst Kseniya Simonova’s sand animation art piece from Ukraine’s Got Talent. It kind of puts the whole X Factor versus Rage Against the Machine conflict in the shade 😉

The next thing is something that popped up on Twitter earlier in the week courtesy of @Fee_oh_na that we liked so much it was immediately squirreled away for posting here.

It's so simple... now all it needs is a target and we can start blaster training 😉

The other thing we’ve come across this week and really enjoyed more than we should have was this shot of an ATM that works in Cockney rhyming slang. It’s eerily reminiscent the time when you’ve had one too many and hit the “Gaeilge” button on the ATM…

No matter how many times I change phone languages, ATMs pose difficulty.

Alright all, that’s it from us for this week. We’ll be back with you right up until Christmas Eve, heroes that we are. If anyone needs anything I’ll still be manning the blog and our Twitter feed as well as Boards.ie with the ever charming Ryan from RMA.

With any luck we’ll all get through this together. Have fun all 🙂


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