Win7 Means Less Complaints to Microsoft


It seems that since the release of Windows 7 has seen calls to Microsoft’s customer care line diminish, bringing the volume of calls that the company’s call centres field down to half of what Microsoft expected.

Word comes from Cnet that Microsoft has seen the volume of calls to its customer care lines drop significantly more than even it expected since the launch of Windows 7. While it was reported earlier in the week that around 30% of all of the issues with Windows 7 were encountered during install, it had been speculated that the reason for that was that more people were trying a new install than with any Microsoft OS in recent memory.

Now though, it seems as though that’s been augmented by another, perhaps more impressive statistic. If Microsoft has seen the overall number of complaints fall dramatically, then the number of complaints it would take to constitute 30% of all complaints would be significantly lower too.

It seems as though Microsoft is very much on to a winner with Windows 7, despite security companies’ claims last week that the new OS sacrificed too much security for usability, which it claimed rendered Windows 7 less secure “out of the box” than Windows Vista.

Still, it looks like Windows 7 users are, if not pleased with their purchase, then at least not complaining about it to nearly the same extent as people did of Windows Vista. For my own part, I happen to have run a Windows 7 install from a USB thumbdrive in the past few days and found it both fast and trouble free, so no complaints here for now 😉


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