Amazon to See Competition on Kindle


Amazon’s Kindle has seen massive success, which drives adoption of the real reason the company got into the hardware business in the first place – it’s online store for ebooks.

Amazon’s Kindle service has now been rolled out to desktops and to the iPhone, with a BlackBerry version already on the way. Still, it looks as though Amazon’s online store isn’t to be entirely without competitors, even on its home turf, the Kindle hardware itself. It seems, at least, according to Engadget, that the Kindle’s by now effectively unchallenged online store could well be ousted by Scribd.

For those who aren’t aware of Scribd, the service started life out as a document sharing hub, but has grown to include books as well. It seems that Scribd’s CEO, Trip Alder, is primed to move the service into a position where it could sell directly through Amazon’s Kindle line. If it does so, then it could well move to undercut Amazon’s own service, managing to usurp some segment of the ebook market, despite the Kindle being Amazon’s device in the first place.

It’s certainly an interesting story, and if nothing else it’d be amazing to see Scribd pull it off. Managing to effectively steal any portion of Amazon’s Kindle market would be a massive bonus for the company, not to mention potentially forcing Amazon to make itself more competitive.

We’ll be curious to see just what shape a Scribd service on Amazon’s hardware arrives in, but for now we’re just eager to see it happen… it’s a morbid curiosity thing. We’ll also be very interested to see how Amazon responds to a rival muscling in on a market it’s effectively carved for itself.


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