China Clamps Down on Domain Registration


It seems that China is clamping down on the registration of domains for personal use within the country, leaving would-be website and blog owners out in the cold when it comes to actually making their pages accessible.

News comes TomsHardware and from the China Internet Network Information Centre of the change in the way users will be expected to register for domains. The relevant document is called, simply enough, “The Notification about further enhancement of auditing domain name registration information,” which communicates just about the right kind of uncertainty to be scary. Fortunately, there are some notes on what will be expected from applicants.

If you’re in China and registering for your own domain then you’ll be expected to help “enhance the authenticity, accuracy, and integrality” of the domain name registration process. Applicants will need to submit formal, paper-based applications, including “the original application form with business seal, company business license (photocopy), and registrant ID (photocopy).”

It’s certainly a bit of a change from the arrangement we’re used to over here. Moreover, it seems that website operators who already own the domains their pages sit on will be asked to provide the relevant documentation.

This comes as part of a push to help keep illicit material from the internet in China. Certainly, the ability to quickly and easily find those responsible will help the authorities find those responsible and have the content removed.


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