Firefox 3.5 World’s Most Used Browser


It seems that Firefox’s persistent nagging of users to update to the latest version has resulted in it passing out the various flavours of Internet Explorer. There are now more users on Firefox 3.5 than any other web browser.

It might seem a strange situation, given the fact that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer commands such a massive share of the market, but it seems that the Internet Explorer user base is fractured, being split as it is across IE6, EI7 and IE8 for various reasons. Still, we imagine the folks over at Firefox will be pleased to hear that it’s managed to pip Internet Explorer for the browser Christmas number one.

Of course, it’s just a kind of perfect storm that’s resulted in Firefox 3.5 managing to be the most used browser. Since the release of Internet Explorer 8, IE7 has been seeing its user base gradually eroded as people slowly migrate towards the most recent version of Microsoft’s web browser. That means that as IE8 has risen, IE7 has dropped fairly sharply. The result is that the various iterations of Internet Explorer have Mozilla’s Firefox 3.5, which has been cannibalising its still-fairly-healthy Firefox 3.0 users as it rises.

It seems likely that we’ll see Internet Explorer back to the top spot be the end of next month, but for now we imagine we’ll be fully saturated with advertising from the Firefox folks telling us about how their browser is the most popular one on earth for the next couple of weeks. Still, looks like it’ll be an open-source Christmas.

You can check out the StatCounter GlobalStats if you’d like to see the graph, and it’s certainly interesting.


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