Twitter Turns a Profit


It’s emerged that recent deals to make Twitter’s mass of real-time data available to big search engines has ended up with the miblogging service turning a profit for the first time.

It’s certainly strange to see Twitter returning a profit so very quickly, and from something that had seemed to be entirely inevitable, but according to BusinessWeek the company has already moved into profitability. This much at least will be fine news to the folks at Twitter, who had been said to be struggling to find an avenue for the service to make profit without rendering it less attractive to users; searchabilty could well be just what the doctor ordered… temporarily at least.

The details when it comes to ongoing payments aren’t really known, but BusinessWeek is reporting that the deal with Google alone managed to net fully $15 million for Twitter. Similarly, the deal with Microsoft for its search engine, Bing, to boast the ability to pick through Twitter’s stream is worth about $10 million. If nothing else, Twitter has some money to play with now, but we’ll be curious to see what kind of repeat payments are expected, if any.

So, the big question now is just how well Twitter can maintain its newfound profitability now that those deals have been inked. Clearly, the hunt for profitability continues, but the $25 million is certainly enough to keep the wolf from the door for now.

For now, if you’d like to read more you’d do well to check out the BusinessWeek article on Twitter’s recent deals with Microsoft and Google and the ongoing quest to make itself profitable.

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