Amazon’s Kindle DRM Cracked


Amazon’s Kindle has been the driving success behind Amazon’s digital shop for selling ebooks, where most imagine Amazon makes the real money from its Kindle line. Now though, the DRM that keeps everything secure has been cracked.

The Kindle store has been rolled out to desktops and Apple’s App Store (meaning the iPhone and iPod Touch) already, but it seems that some just can’t wait to make the Kindle’s shopping options available to other devices. Things are certainly heating up around the Kindle lately, and Apple seems happy to make the service available on as many devices as possible with BlackBerry and Mac versions both due at some point in 2010.

Now though, word comes via BoyGeniusReport that someone has managed to crack the digital rights management setup that keeps books from Amazon’s Kindle store from being read on devices without Amazon’s own software (as on the PC and App Store).

According to the report, the hack allows Kindle owners to convert the ebooks from Amazon’s service directly into PDFs, which will be readable on just about any portable device worth its salt. We’ll be curious to see what the official response is from Amazon to these kinds of efforts, if there is one, but we’d imagine that it won’t be pleased.

Indeed, given the quiet manner in which it handled the accidental sale of copyrighted materials before, we’d expect Amazon to just push out a small update to secure its DRM arrangement on ebooks for the same kind of hack in future.


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