Apple Sells NES Emulator


Apple has slipped up a bit and allowed, for a little while at least, a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) emulator to appear for sale on its by now infamously strict App Store.

Apple has had a fairly well established anti-emulation policy when it comes to the App Store for the iPhone and the iPod Touch since the service launched, but that doesn’t mean that some emulated content doesn’t leak through form time to time. Even now, there are emulated versions of older games available but the point seems to be that those are standalone applications for individual games to which copyrights have been attained (both Flashback and Earthworm Jim are superb apps).

The issue with emulators though, even emulators like Nescaline, the app in question, is that they have the potential to run ROMs that aren’t specifically made available outside of copyright, so, while Nescaline itself boasts only “homebrew” games, it could be used, without too much difficulty, to run Mario games, and then Nintendo would be in a tizzy over it.

As the folks over at TechCrunch point out though, it’s very curious to see that an app with so very many copyright infringing features managed to hit the App Store at all. The icon itself is the by-now iconic 1up mushroom from Nintendo’s own Mario Bros. series, the app is clearly an emulator and describes itself as one…

Regardless, we’d imagine that anyone who managed to get their hands on Nescaline while it was on the App Store is very pleased with themselves. Moreover, we’d imagine that Apple is banging its collective App Store staffs’ head against a wall over the fact that this happened…


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