Firefox Mobile Delayed


Firefox has announced that it won’t manage to meet the deadline it had set for the mobile version of its Firefox web browser. Moreover, the iPhone version so recently talked about appears not to be on the cards anymore.

Still right up there for cutest logo of 2009 😀

Firefox’s head of mobile, Jay Sullivan, sat down with the BBC to talk about its upcoming addition to the mobile browser market. According to Sullivan earlier this week, we were to expect to see a mobile version of Firefox start to appear before Christmas, but that’s now slipped, and we’re told to expect it sometime between Christmas and the New Year instead.

Perhaps more interesting still is the news that the iPhone version that had been talked about at length before looks like it’ll never appear. While Mozilla seems to be fairly firmly of the belief that it can make web-based applications the norm, ousting markets like Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market in favour of OS-ambivalent options… something that seems decidedly unlikely given the fact that when Apple tried the same it failed fairly quickly and ended up launching the App Store.

Now though, the word from Sullivan is that the iPhone version won’t be making an appearance, largely because Apple disallows anything that duplicates services that it already provides for the device… meaning that Safari will likely remain the only option for iPhone and iPod Touch users on the web.

The big question now is one of just how Mozilla releasing into the mobile space will effect other established browsers. For now, we’ll just see Firefox Mobile (or PocketFox as it’s sometimes known) hitting Nokia devices, but we’re to expect Android and Windows Mobile versions soon afterward. If nothing else, more choice in the mobile browser market should be good for us consumers 🙂

If you’d like to read more you can do so over at the BBC, where Sullivan talks a lot more about the upcoming mobile browser.


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