YouTube Shortens Own URLs


YouTube has announced that it is to shorten its own URLs for those of us who feel the need to shorten our links and shoot them around the web in media that restrict the total number of characters we can use… so, basically Twitter and Facebook.

YouTube unveiled the service on its own official blog, managing to claim the url shortening URL Certainly it’s nice to have the name of the company in the URL shortening service, but the fact that “” is a little longer than other popular services, like “,” could well mean that YouTube’s own service could go unused by the character centric Twitter crowd.

This news comes shortly after the news that Google has made its own URL shortning service available, named, quite simply, “” which maintains the minimum number of characters possible motif. Regardless of the number of characters though, it’s interesting to see more and more services adapting to take advantage of services where character limits are simply the way things are done.

Perhaps more interesting is that YouTube has gone a little further than some other services. Not content to just offer its own URL shortening service, the folks at YouTube have added it to the Autoshare options, so that now when a user clicks to share something via Twitter or Facebook it’ll automatically slim down the URL. Does this mean we’ll likely see more YouTube and Twitter accounts linked, filling the stream with, “I favourited a YouTube video, link.” It seems fairly likely, sadly, but that’s the whole web 2.0 world for you…

Things are only useful until they’re spam 😉


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