Asus Building Tegra Powered EEE Tablet


Word is coming out that Asus is building a tablet version of its EEE PC, dubbed the EEE Pad. The big news not though, is that the device will be running Nvidia’s Tegra mobile GPU arrangement.

Word comes via NetbookNews that Asus is hoping to launch the device after March of 2010, which has already been pointed out as implying that the company that effectively started the whole netbook crazy is waiting for the second generation of Nvidia’s Tegra chips. If nothing else, we’ll be curious to see what the device can do, but it certainly means a big shift, both for Asus for the netbook market.

For Asus itself, it’s worth noting that the company has for a long time been using only Intel’s processors and the Intel GMA series for graphics for a long while now. This shift pushes Asus into some fairly interesting territory, opening it up to the possibility of Nvidia ION powered netbooks, bringing it into more direct competition with Samsungs N510 and Lenovo’s Ideapad S12.

Moreover, the launch of a tablet netbook with support for multi-touch and boasting the kind of graphical horsepower that Nvidia’s Tegra can bring to a table could certainly do a lot to shake up the netbook market, which hasn’t really been seeing too much movement lately. While things aren’t stagnating yet, this could certainly do a lot to prevent that happening.

We’ll be curious to see what state the EEE Pad arrives in when it hits next March, but until then it looks like we’ll just have to hold out for more news from Asus and hope they’re generous with what they release.


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