OLPC Shows Off Gorgeous Tablet


The crowd behind the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project has never been one to shy away from big challenges, but the news of its latest device is audacious even for a company with a penchant for the incredible.

If nothing else, it's a gorgeous device.

When the OLPC project was first announced, there was no shortage of dissenting voices, essentially telling anyone willing to listen that the project would be doomed. Years later, the OLPC project is still going strong, but now they’re showing off a concept for an OLPC tablet that maintains the vaguely toy-like qualities of the original and introduces some genuinely interesting new technology to the mix.

Engadget is reporting that the OLPC tablet, named XO-3 for now,will use less than a watt of power to keep the processor and screen powered. When it’s all ready to go, the crowd is hoping to run with a device that comes in at half the thickness of an iPhone, which is a noble aim, but considering the proposed 2012 launch date, not entirely unreasonable.

Perhaps the most satisfying thing we’ve seen in all of the coverage of the new OLPC is the company’s own Nicholas Negroponte, who said of the new OLPC designs, “Sure, if I were a commercial entity coming to you for investment, and I’d made the projections I had in the past, you wouldn’t invest again, but we’re not a commercial operation. If we only achieve half of what we’re setting out to do, it could have very big consequences.”

If nothing else, it’s nice to see the project still driving towards a noble, if a little lofty, goal. It’s a lovely piece to be able to write in the run up to Christmas too 😉

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