Steam Christmas Sale Gets Moving


Steam has moved to start another massive sale for over the Christmas block that we thought you guys might be interested in. If nothing else, check out the complete packs that the company is selling with some hefty price drops.

Steam has made a name for itself this year as a service willing to offer genuinely shocking discounts, both when it comes to Valve’s own games (selling Team Fortress 2 for $2.50 for a while) and when it comes other publishers’ it manages to get on board for big price drops. The thanksgiving sale was impressive in that regard, but the Christmas sale is equally worth checking out.

There are a number of “Complete Packs” from major publishers in the same style as the Valve Complete Pack that’s already available. The CodeMasters’ complete pack, for example, offers some eighteen games, individually totalling €259.89, for the ripe price of €74.99. There are other offers that are equally intriguing, but we’re sure you guys get the picture – we’re impressed. We’re impressed now, and we’ll be impoverished and impressed later.

There’s also a nice section for independent games with big price drops, so for those of you who want to support the little guys but don’t have a massive amount of money to shell out, now is the time 😉

Anwyay, enough gushing from us, all I have to do now is find a way to stop Ryan finding out there’s a sale on Steam until after Christmas… I’m not sure his account has recovered from the November sale yet.

You can check out the new Steam sale here. Remember, the fact that they don’t have to deliver anything means you can still grab digitally distributed games as Christmas presents 😉

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