Apple Tablet Sees Delays


Word has emerged that Apple’s long-rumoured tablet has seen some fairly significant delays, pushing the device’s release back from an expected, and heavily rumoured, late 2009 release, to a Q1 2010 release.

Word comes via DigiTimes of the delay, which is apparently due to an issue with the glass screens being made for the device. It seems that the issue is one of durability, with the DigiTimes report indicating that, “Apple has been seeking solutions to strengthen the glass of the 10-inch panel for the device” before it’s willing to launch it. Now, it seems that it’s settled that kafuffle, agreeing to work with Foxconn’s optical glass partner G-Tech Optoelectronics.

Rumours that Apple has been working on a tablet device have been fairly steady, cropping up every year or two in some shape or another. For many, the iPhone seemed the realisation of those rumours, but now it seems that Apple is working on something that bit bigger; if the DigiTimes report is correct then we can expect to see a 10-inch device, which is certainly interesting.

For many, the biggest question remains one of operating system. It’s been part of the fairly formless swirl of rumours that the device would be running a scaled-up version of Apple’s iPhone OS (which also powers its iPod Touch line). Certainly, we’d be curious to see what changes the App Store might undergo if there was the possibility of throwing apps onto devices with a little more power behind them, but, for us at least, it seems more likely that Apple will arrange a touch-centric version of the standard Mac OS X for a tablet…

Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking on our part?


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One Response to “Apple Tablet Sees Delays”

  1. Kevin Says:

    As much as I want this tablet to be released ASAP, I do also want to spend money on a product that’ll last. The glass is obviously a touchy (get it?) issue since the iPhone’s screen is so small, durability is less of an issue (warping would be hard to achieve etc.).

    Though I would like to see something more official in January.

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