BlackBerry Sees Student Uptake


It seems that students are getting in on RIM’s phenomenally successful BlackBerry line, powering growth for the generally business-based handsets.

Admittedly, this isn't a BlackBerry, but I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

According to the Financial Times, the BlackBerry has seen a sudden surge among university-goers, with around 2% of third-level students in the UK owning a Blackberry. It might not seem like an awful lot, but as Mobile Youth’s Josh Dhaliwal said of the statistic, “It’s quite a significant sum. That would have been zero a couple of years ago.”

It’s also curious to see that the BlackBerry is being considered over some other, let’s face it, more fashionable devices, like Apple’s iPhone, which has really become something of a sensation.

Indeed, the shift among students towards the BlackBerry seems representative of a general shift towards the brand among non-business users, with reports indicating that “more than 80 per cent of BlackBerry’s new connections in its third quarter were from consumers, with more than half of its total subscribers now outside the corporate market.

Perhaps more interesting still is the other news derived from the same study, which makes some fairly interesting indications as to the general breakdown of phones among students. Curiously enough, Nokia was the head of the pack, with 30% of all students surveyed owning a Nokia phone. That’s fairly interesting news, if only because Nokia has been having a hard year in 2009, with reports indicating its profits had fallen by as much as half.

It’s interesting to see the extent to which smartphones are becoming the norm for more and more users.


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