Fugitive Provides Facebook Fan Page


An escaped convict by the name of Craig “Lazie” Lynch has created his own Facebook fan page for those who wish to follow his exploits and reasoning.

Word comes via the Register that the convict absconded when he was allowed out of prison as part of a day release program. Since then, he’s set up a Facebook profile for those who have an interest in hearing what he has to say about his escape, what he’s eating and just what he’s been doing over the course of his run from the law.

It’s a fairly simple project, but it’s almost the polar opposite to reports of a fugitive who abdicated earlier this year, eventually being caught thanks to repeated Facebook status updates detailing how fine a time he was having and exactly where he was having it.

In this case though, “Lazie” has yet to be apprehended, despite the Facebook fan page devoted to his wanderings having reached, and exceeded, the 9,000 mark. Moreover, the orginal Facebook page, which he says has been deleted by Facebook, had managed to accrue 3,000 fans before deletion. Clearly, there’s something interesting about the guy, though it’s hard to say just what, apart from the attitude.

The updates themselves are mostly short and to the point, saying, “Busy life I have,” and other similar things. Others directly poke fun at those pursuing him, saying, “Quick question… HOW MANY COPS ARE IN HERE TONIGHT!?”

If you’d like to check out the Facebook page for Craig “Lazie” Lynch.


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