Google Netbook Stats Leak


With Google’s upcoming entry to the operating system market due for launch soon, and with many already tinkering with it on netbooks, the specifications of Google’s own rumoured netbook have apparently been leaked.

Rumours that Google was to build its own netbook gained some traction with the announcement of a Google-branded phone in the form of the Nexus One, which is built by HTC, but with plenty of input from Google. Word that a netbook could follow a similar model came earlier this month, with some going so far as to say that Google would launch its own netbook when Chrome OS launched officially.

Now though, if the leaked specifications that IBTimes has managed to get its hands on are true, it seems that Google’s netbook might be well placed to shake things up. When we heard that Chrome OS would be netbook-bound, there had been an impression that the OS might not be anything like a challenge to Windows, but it seems that Google’s own netbook is an interestingly high-performance proposition.

The device is rumoured to boast a 10.1-inch form factor, a 64GB SSD, 2GB of RAM, Nvidia’s Tegra (we’d assume that it’s the upcoming second-generation Tegra) as well as having its own 3G arrangement. Aside from all that, it’s rumoured to boast a multi-touch sensitive display, which is, if nothing else, curious.

Of course, the big question will be one of price. While IBTimes indicates that the device should hit at less than $300. Certainly, that seems a little fanciful, unless there’s something akin to the cellular network tie-in that Nokia’s netbook, the Booklet 3G sells with, in which case the cost is being subsidised by mobile networks.

Still, whenever we see leaked specifications for a device that seems too good to be true, our tendency is to think it probably is too good to be true.


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