Intel and Nintendo in Console Talks?


Reports indicate that Intel and Nintendo could well be in talks over the future of the gaming giant’s home console efforts, with Intel apparently pushing to supply the chips to power the successor to Nintendo’s Wii.

The news comes from a widely circulated report from the Japanese publication Impress Watch, but given the fact that my Japanese is hazy at best, we’ve gone with TomsGuide’s interpretation of the news. According to the report, Intel has been “trying to push Nintendo into using its Larrabee graphics processor,” which is interesting enough in itself, given the uncertainty surrounding Larrabee at the moment.

Last month, Intel effectively announced that Larrabee was on indefinite hold, with the processor manufacturer deciding the hardware would never see commercial release… That makes the proposition that Nintendo’s next console might boast the unusual Intel architecture very interesting indeed.

It’s also worth noting that this report comes in the same month as Nintendo denied rumours that it was working on a high-definition capable version of its vastly successful Wii console. Still, that alone shouldn’t be taken without a pinch of salt, especially given Nintendo’s penchant for denying it’s working on something, and then releasing that very product within a month or two (as with the DS Lite).

Still, with sales of Nintendo’s Wii having flagged substantially over the last six months or so, it seems likely that Nintendo could be considering the move to another platform. For now, it’s all up in the air, but it’s something that will become more relevant as we start to see sales data for the Wii from December.


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