Technology to Render Netbooks Obselete?


It seems as though netbooks will come under increasing pressure from other devices, with reports indicating that the humble netbook could be ousted over the course of 2010.

According to the BBC, it seems that the days of the netbook’s dominance of the mobile PC market may well be numbered. Indeed, the report on the current state of the netbook market intimates that the various netbooks will be outmanoeuvred by other devices as new technologies allow. All of this seems to stem from Stuart Miles, editor of Technology Lint, who is firmly of the belief that netbooks don’t quite offer as much as they used to.

Given the fact that the expectations of consumers are rising, it’s asserted that many users would be unsatisfied with current netbook offerings, feeling they’re underpowered compared to other options. With demands for more power pushing up price, it seems more sensible for many to just opt for a full-sized notebook, rather than a netbook.

Still, it seems a little early to pronounce the death of the netbook. Michael Dell has already said that he feels netbooks are, generally, a disappointment to those who buy them, precipitating a deluge of negative responses from netbook owners who are more than happy with their purchases.

Indeed, with the introduction of Nvidia’s ION, netbooks are now, if anything, more powerful than before, even if it does come at an increased cost. While many, it seems, would question why not to simply opt for a full sized notebook that weighs in at a similar price, that kind of dodges the question of portability – the feature that has made netbooks so popular in the first place.

For now, it seems a little early to say that we’ll see the end of the netbook, especially with more and more “high end” netbooks starting to appear. Still, it’s an interesting argument, and one that bears some attention.


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3 Responses to “Technology to Render Netbooks Obselete?”

  1. Wizartar Says:

    The screens are too small for any serious usage, but are handy to surf the web from the couch. This are dead once a better portable internet device is made… Apple tablet.

    • komplettie Says:

      I think any tablet that manages to find real success might do it. Even a well positioned, colour capable, touch-sensitive ebook reader would be enough for most 😉

  2. David M Says:

    Netbooks are so cheap now that most people have one for surfing on the go.

    I agree with Wizartar though- so much room exists for improvement that there is huge potential for something new to fill this need.

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