Twitter Bans 369 Passwords


Twitter has banned a list of 370 passwords, though in actuality there are only 369 on the list – the word “password” appears twice, being itself so obvious that it deserves a second mention.

If nothing else, it’s interesting to see some of the passwords that Twitter lists as being too obvious for it to allow those who use the service to actually set them as a password. You can see for yourself if you check out your own Twitter account settings and try to change the password to “password” (or something else on the list). Analysts at Sophos pose the big question, asking whether or not Twitter has compiled its own list from an analysis of passwords used or if it’s just taken a list from elsewhere.

For those of you who are just here for the list, and I sympathise with you on that one, it’s not nearly as interesting as you’d imagine, but there are some highlights. The list of words considered “too obvious” for use as a password on Twitter includes,


It’s curious to see as many Christian names as there are on that list, but then, given that it’s a list of passwords too obvious for use on a service like Twitter, it’s not entirely surprising.

For those who are curious enough to want to read a complete list of the various passwords that Twitter now won’t allow you to use as passwords, you should check it out over at TechCrunch, where they’re a little less scrupulous than us when it comes to posting lists of regularly used passwords.


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One Response to “Twitter Bans 369 Passwords”

  1. Sw Eden Says:

    This is so funny.
    I have a funnier obvious password on my personal email, too.
    : )

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