Google to Run Games Through YouTube?


It looks as though Google might be trying to ease its way into casual gaming with a patent that’s emerged this week detailing plans for building games on top of hosted video.

Word comes from Bnet that Google’s patent, which was filed way back in February of this year but only published now, is simply titled, “Web-Based System for Generation of Interactive Games Based on Digital Videos” and describes a way to add interactive features to a digital video and “in particular to interactive video annotations enabling control of playback locations and creation of interactive games.” It certainly sounds like an interesting idea, and one that would allow for some fairly interesting “Choose Your Own Adventure” projects… if nothing else.

For those curious, the patent itself is fairly detailed, saying that,

“A video may have associated with it one or more annotations, which modify the appearance and/or behaviour of a video as it was originally submitted to an online video hosting site. Some examples of annotations are graphical text box annotations, which display text at certain locations and certain times of the video, and pause annotations, which halt playback of the video at a specified time within the video. Some annotations, e.g. a graphical annotation … comprising a link to a particular portion of a target video, are associated with a time of the target video, which can be either the video with which the annotation is associated, or a separate video. Selecting such annotatinos causes playback of the target video to begin at the associated time. Such annotations can be used to construct an interactive game using videos, such as a game in which clicking on different portions of a video leads to different outcomes.”

Still, there’s an awful lot to be said for that kind of content, even if not for gaming. We’d be curious to see other uses of the same kind of system for delivering simpler content. The potential for this kind of technology to be used in education is genuinely quite interesting.

Still, odds are we’ll just see the world’s largest and most complex rickroll when it launches.


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