Intel Shifts Focus to Mainstream Games


Intel has been focusing on graphics more and more lately, and while the announcement that Larrabee will likely never see the light of day was a bit of a blow, the latest news from the chip giant is more interesting.

Intel’s line of integrated graphics processors has managed to gain enough traction to make Intel (even if only technically) the biggest supplier of graphics hardware on earth. Still, when most gamers talk about Intel’s graphics setups, the terms used aren’t generous, but it seems as though Intel is lining up a new IGP to add some much needed oomph to its line-up.

According to a slide obtained by the good folks over at DonanimHaber, Intel’s upcoming Intel HD Graphics setup will boast the capacity to play both “casual” and “mainstream” games. While that claim in itself isn’t too interesting, the games that Intel puts into those categories make it a far more appreciable prospect.

Mainstream games include such popular titles as The Sims 2, The Sims 3, Football Manager 2010, World of Warcraft and Nancy Drew. While Football Manager is a masterpiece, it’s hardly what we’d call graphically intense. Still, the inclusion of World of Warcraft and The Sims 3 on that list does lead us to be more interested in Intel’s new graphics offering.

All that aside, we were curious to see what managed to make Intel’s other categories. In the highest tier, “Designed for class leading processor and visuals,” there’s just a lonely Resident Evil game. The “casual” block, those with broadest appeal, includes Plants vs. Zombies, Farmville and the ever lovable and addictive Peggle.

For now though, we’re just curious to see more news of Intel HD Graphics, and if they can shoehorn it into a netbook or an ultra-thin, we imagine Intel might be on to a bit of a winner.


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