Modern Warfare 2 Sees Massive Piracy


The latest addition to the Call of Duty series, the record breakingly popular Modern Warfare 2, has managed to become the most illegally pirated game of 2009, despite being released so late this year.

The fact that Modern Warfare 2 has topped the list of games being pirated this year should come as no surprise given the massive hype leading up to the game’s launch and the almost undiluted praise of its multiplayer, to say nothing of its record breaking launch. Still, those involved will be disappointed with the news, especially given the lengths to which the developers behind Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward, had gone to prevent illegal piracy.

While the report from TorrentFreak that indicates that Modern Warfare 2 has been the most pirated game of the last year doesn’t specify just why the PC saw most piracy, we might reasonably have expected that to be the case even without having seen the numbers. The wave of bans for playing pirated material and modifying Xbox 360s to do so that preceded the game’s launch will likely have scared many Xbox owners away from pirating Modern Warfare 2.

It seems strange that Modern Warfare saw quite as much piracy as it did. Given that the game authenticates via Steam servers, which generally makes it quite difficult indeed to get a pirated game working, it would make sense that those playing pirated copies of Modern Warfare 2 must be doing so without the game’s multiplayer, which is its main draw (the single player having drawn some criticism for being variously too violent and too confusing).

Still, given the lengths to which developers went to prevent piracy, with many stating that the removal of dedicated server support was one prompted by concerns over illegal play, it seems strange that Modern Warfare 2 has been so popular among pirates.


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8 Responses to “Modern Warfare 2 Sees Massive Piracy”

  1. nutterguy Says:

    Or maybe it was the ridiculous price?
    There is no way I will be paying €50 for a game with a single player of only 3-4 hours.
    Over hyped, over advertised, over talked about, over priced very mediocre game!

    • komplettie Says:

      I wondered why people seemed happy to pay the same (or very near it) for MW2 on Steam. Surely the lack of a physical media, shipping etc. makes it a solid place to offer real value?

      I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I thought charging the same for it on Steam was a touch insulting.

      • nutterguy Says:

        Don’t get me wrong, I really like having games on Steam but actually it is more than double the price on steam than some websites that will deliver a boxed copy!
        It’s stupid, but yet it has been the number 2 bestseller on Steam for the whole holiday season, despite all the amazing deals they have had.
        There are some crazy people out there….

      • komplettie Says:

        The sad thing is that I have, in the past, been willing to pay a little more for games on Steam just for the convenience and easy access across multiple machines, but at twice the price it’s a pretty dire offerig alright 😦

  2. nutterguy Says:

    Also, here, have an image:

    That one just looks awful.

  3. Tacitus Says:

    I have previously purchased almost all the Call of Duty game released on the PC. But this version I will be happy to pirate. The lack of dedicated servers, along with the high cost killed it for me. It will be one of those games I’ll play for a couple of weekends and then forget about. I’ll still be playing multiplayer LAN games against my friends with my legally purchased copy of Modern Warfare 2 instead.

  4. Jsohn Estradi Says:

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