Nexus One to Debut on Tuesday?


Google has been characteristically tight-lipped about just when we can expect to see the Android phone that it’s collaborated with HTC on, the Nexus One. Signs point to Google showing off the device this coming Tuesday.

Google might well be tight-lipped, but just about everyone involved has pointed to Tuesday the fifth of January as the date when we’ll get to know the scarily-named Nexus One in some more detail. According to the Register, those members of the tech press who meet Google’s standards received invitations to an event on Tuesday, and while there’s nothing in there specifically about the Nexus One, there’s enough about Android to make it seem likely.

If nothing else, there’s an awful lot about the Nexus One we’re curious to see, not least of which the price plans and network options for those of us outside the US. While we know that T-Mobile will be handling the Nexus One across the pond, we’ll be curious to see which network manages to snap up the device over here. We were also interested to see that, according to T-Mobile,

“Support for this device including troubleshooting and exchanges will be managed by Google and HTC.”

If nothing else, that much is a bit unusual for the fact that we’d imagine T-Mobile has a lot of experience fielding calls from people with issues with their mobiles… it’s an area in which we’d imagine Google might be lacking.

For now, the rumour is that we’ll see Google offering the phone directly over the internet, rather than selling through carriers. We’ll be curious to see if that means a SIM-free option is available for those willing to pay…


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