Nokia/Apple Suits Continue


Nokia and Apple have been tearing into one another in the courts lately, with Nokia launching yet another salvo against Apple this week, alleging further patent infringement on mobile devices.

The whole kafuffle began when Nokia alleged that Apple had infringed no fewer than ten patents it had filed with relation to the various bits and pieces of hardware that make up its by now well established iPhone. Apple’s response was to counter-sue Nokia for a raft of different patents that it filed for the iPhone and felt Nokia had since infringed. Now, it seems, the case continues, with Nokia filing further claims of infringement.

According to the BBC, the most recent claim from Nokia, Apple’s iPhone infringes on another seven of its patents, across everything from user interface to the hardware behind the antenna, camera and some of its power management. Moreover, these don’t just apply to the iPhone, but to some of the iPod line as well, which opens up a plethora of devices to scrutiny. Of course, there is a vaguely suspect side to all of this.

The fact is that things have been going fairly poorly for Nokia this year, with profits just about cut in half and sliding in the wrong direction, with several big projects, like its Booklet 3G netbook, not quite managing to gain the kind of traction we’d expect Nokia was hoping for. With that in mind, the fact that Nokia has chosen not to launch a case against Apple earlier than it did seems a little dubious.

Still, it seems that both Apple and Nokia are convinced that they have not only seen patent infringement, but that they should pursue that infringement legally. It’ll be an interesting case, and one that we imagine could do a lot to help an ailing Nokia.


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3 Responses to “Nokia/Apple Suits Continue”

  1. nutterguy Says:

    Of course apple could never do anything wrong… and they would never steal or infringe, nooooo.

    • komplettie Says:

      The whole fight has been tit-for-tat back and forth. At this stage it’s hard to say who’s infringed who, but there’d be no surprise if each was as guilty as the other, or if neither had done anything wrong intentionaly. Patent fights are always dirty business.

      Honestly, both Apple and Nokia are companies, as much as we can’t out and out say “X” did “Y” to “Z” without getting in trouble, I think a lot of people get bogged down in corporate image and fanboyism and like to believe a company will do no wrong, but for most, profit is king.

  2. nutterguy Says:

    “The whole kafuffle began when Apple alleged that Nokia had infringed no fewer than ten patents”
    -Maybe you should read the BBC article you linked to again.
    This started with Nokia sueing Apple, not the other way around.

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