Xbox Live to Meet Windows Mobile


As had been heavily rumoured for literally years now, it looks as though Windows Mobile and Microsoft’s Xbox Live service will finally become intertwined in the coming months.

Word of the integration comes via Engadget, which noticed a job posting over at Microsoft looking for a Principal Program Manager whose responsibilities would include, “Xbox Live enabled games to Windows Mobile,” to say nothing of the laboriously worded, “avatar integration, social interaction, and multi-screen experiences.”

For now, we’re curious to see just what Microsoft has planned for Windows Mobile. Certainly the games made available for its competitors in the form of Android and iPhone/iPod Touch marketplaces have been earning all kinds of money, attracting the attention of big publishers like Electronic Arts, which has announced that it wants to move further into the “digital” space as time goes on.

Of course, the job posting leaves just what Microsoft might be doing fairly open to interpretation, but given the amount of tie-in, it seems fairly likely that Xbox Live accounts could be shared across the company’s home console and mobile platforms. We may be a little premature in hoping that Windows Mobile devices could be set up to play some existing Xbox Live Arcade games, but there are those for which it wouldn’t be too big a stretch.

Similarly, Sony’s recently launched “Minis” for its mobile platform, the PlayStation Portable, tie in with the PlayStation 3, allowing players to play the portable equivalent of a Live Arcade title at home, if that’s what they’re into. It might seem relatively simple, but the launch of a few portable Xbox Live Arcade games that were also playable from home consoles could do a lot to promote the service with existing customers.


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